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REFRAME is a Design firm that helps you reframe your physical product or brand in a strategic and agile way. With the intent to produce you a profit, increase sustainability, and create raving fans.

Because by reframing the question, we design solutions that solve the user's pain, reflect what you stand for, and deliver a sustainable and profitable solution.

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We are your guides. We help organizations determine and maintain their course. As guides, we know the different waters, hazards, and weather conditions. Depending on the need and strategy, we apply the sailboat or the speedboat approach.

We navigate companies through unknown waters with our knowledge and expertise and elaborate on possible routes for a better future.

Value of Design

We view design as a competitive advantage to increase profit and as a strategic management tool to boost effectiveness and communication.

With the guided design approach, a company can realize its full potential to strengthen client relationships during challenging times and develop new growth potentials.


When we apply and focus on a solid design strategy, then we increase the value of the company: Value creation through reframing

Our Process

By reframing the question, we can design solutions that fit the user's needs better, reflect what you stand for, and are sustainable and profitable. Our reframing process goes through several phases and specific actions that provide a clear design direction for each project.

By anticipating future trends, interests, we design products and meaningful brands for your users that impact and profit.

Everything we do, we do in an open, transparent, and collaborative environment.

Design Process


We seek like-minded 

entrepreneurial clients 


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