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You are reckless, if...

It turns out that playing it safe has become recklessly dangerous.

Josh Linkner, 2X NY Times Bestselling Author, Co-Founder & Chairman

Times have been worrying the last couple of years. But to be honest. Some businesses have been crushing it, making millions in profits, and increasing their brand to more significant markets.

Why is that so?

I believe there are always profitable opportunities to be pursued under challenging times. The clue is to find them and be willing to go after them, even though you are not 100% sure it will work out.

Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

I'm not saying you should bet the house on just an idea. Instead, do your research, get expert counsel and then listen to your intuition. But please don't get stuck in the analysis phase and get paralyzed by it. And playing it safe is the wrong approach. So, again, I'm not saying to be reckless, but move forward and be active and not reactive.

What are your thoughts on moving forward in these challenging times.

Do you wait for better ones, or do you act now?

Let me know if you want to bounce your idea with me and get outside counsel.

Stay curious and bold

J Roberto Inderbitzin

Design Director | Founder

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