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Experience the product in real scale in Virtual Reality

765,0 kg, 2 meters long and 112 cm wide.

These are the dimensions of the Drivematic Deluxe. A power machine for large areas and the new model of the company Wetrok.

When we were asked to design the distinctive Appearance of the Deluxe, we needed to know what the whole machine looks like on a real scale.

Since it was not possible to bring it into the design studio, we decided to use Virtual Reality again.

This time, however, not only to evaluate the machine on the real scale but to design the front with virtual reality tools.

The result could then be constructed in CAD and refined again in VR.

This saved us and the client valuable resources and time and speed up the design process with the various parties.

The final design was able to be produced without building an actual physical prototype since we were able to verify and test the design on a real scale with the stakeholder.

#Design #VirtualReality #Gravitysketch

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