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As a Designer, I'm required to design for the future, and we do this by using proven strategies to do so.

I believe some essential characteristics are future-oriented networked thinking, the ability to communicate efficiently to stakeholders, and curiosity.

Here is why curiosity plays such a vital part.

To fulfill all the needed restrictions for the client, manufacturing partner, and user, among other things, we also need to understand the speed and complexity of the tomorrow.

And all of that by keeping the users and their habits in mind.

To make sure we deliver the right forecasts and design products and services that deliver a positive experience to the user, we ask many questions. Hence we need to be curious.

For example: Why is that so? How was it done in the past? Why was it done that way? Who benefits from this? What technologies will be used? etc.

But the One question I like to ask when working on a new project starts with the question;

How can ....?

For example.

How can we improve the experience for the end consumer, without developing a new product?

Why is that so?

By asking the question of How can ... our brain switches into future thinking mode and opens our imagination, and curiosity.

What helps us, to come up with more suitable solutions to the challenges.

So next time, you are faced with a challenge.

Ask yourself.

How can ...?

Stay curious


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