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Uncover actionable insights to create greater experiences with the Power of Design.

Welcome to Conversations with Roberto podcast.

I sit down with top entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, and thought leaders here.


And I do my very best to unpack actionable and valuable insights to help you build greater products and sustainable brands, and have fun doing it.

Do you want to know more, or want to be a guest on the show?

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About me

I may have been born in Mexico City, but I've been a bit of a nomad since then. I've lived in Switzerland, the USA, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden, and finally settled down (for now) in Zurich with my family. So I guess you could say I have a bit of a Swiss engineering background since I've worked in various positions and companies. But I wanted to add more creativity to my life, so I studied Industrial Design and earned my Master of Design at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2010. And now, I run my own design studio, REFRAME, which is all about using Design and technology to make the world a better place.

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Why do I do this

I believe that I have an obligation as a Designer to develop better-designed, more sustainable, higher-quality products & experiences.

The daughter's test

Before I take on a job or project, I go through The daughter's test:

When my daughter is 13 years old, and asks me: "Dad, did you design and create valuable and better products for all of us? Or did you create wasteful items?
If the answer is yes, and I'm proud of the problem I solve, I'm more than happy to take on the project.
If the case is no, and I don't see value to the business, people, and world, I respectfully decline or help find a better solution.


To talk about the power of Design & Branding.

Especially to learn what it takes to build better, innovative solutions and purposeful businesses.


Audience and what can you expect

I believe the audiences that will profit the most are Founders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs who want to make products and experiences that matter and elevate their brand to play bigger.

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