We believe in Design that is useful, meaningful, and beautiful

We want you to become a leader. Together with our partners, we help companies on the subject of product and brand identity.

The idea and its makers. Once the initial situation and goals have been determined, we define the route. In this way we learn in advance and review our ideas and approaches repeatedly.

We are able to identify and understand impulses, feelings and motives. This ability is an essential part of our design process. We create products and services that empathize with the end user and bring sustainable success.

We face new challenges and like to think beyond existing market systems. Big ideas that have a positive impact on the environment are our strength.

Surprise your competitors and customers by bringing yourself and your employees to an even better performance. REFRAME challenges you and your team. We are always looking for the greatest potential in the team and in their entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Let's work sustainable for the world of tomorrow

  • Let's understand business design as part of a successful product

  • Let's generate valuable insights through years of experience in the field of trend research and networking

  • Let's cooperate internationally and act locally

  • Let's are emphatic and translate this ability into visible works

  • Let's develop unique value propositions together with you

  • Let's act agile and question existing patterns

  • Let's think beyond existing borders and look for new approaches to solutions
  • Let's build on existing stories and communities to keep the corporate identity strong

  • Let's act openly and together as a team to achieve effective results



All partners work according to the REFRAME manifesto.

WHY We have a responsibility to develop better designed, more sustainable, higher quality products and not create more waste through throwaway products.


HOW By creating emotional experiences through the objects we design for people.

WHAT Industrial design, identity design and design strategy for startups and companies.