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REFRAME Design Process

Good Design requires expertise, partnerships, open minds, collaboration, and a reliable process.


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Only an accurate understanding of the user and usage of an object will generate a satisfying result in the long term for your customer.

For example, the following method has proven successful:

- Target Planning (market research, product analysis)
- Concepts (problem analysis, design concepts)
- Drafts (ergonomics, details, mock-ups, technology)
- Engineering (CAD, drawing layouts, prototyping support)
- Realization (design support for manufacturing)

We are used to developing products in partnership with the client and can rely on an extensive network of professional contacts.


We work agile and flexible. In addition to (Virtual Reality), which enables rapid prototyping and Design on a scale of 1:1, we work with the latest computer programs and professional partners to implement and test the idea as quickly as possible.


Owning our own 3D printer allows us to quickly produce mock-ups for ergonomics and functional testing.

In VR (Virtual Reality) we are able to design, communicate and evaluate the products on a 1:1 scale with you and with your user groups.


“Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change.” Wayne Dyer

By reframing the question, we design solutions that fit the user's needs better, reflect what you stand for, and are sustainable and profitable. Our reframing process goes through several phases and specific actions that provide a clear design direction for each project.

By anticipating future trends, interests, the designed products and meaningful brands make an impact and profit.

Everything we do, we do in an open, transparent, and collaborative environment.

Business Audit

We listen, listen, and ask questions before identifying market opportunities, developing strategies, and ensuring that the business venture develops towards long-term success and sustainability.


We develop solutions that solve significant problems. We use our diverse expertise and network to transform impactful ideas into meaningful brands, sustainable products, and memorable experiences.


Our tech experts deliver technical solutions that guarantee functionality, manufacturability of services, and products. All the time with the premise of being economical, aesthetic, functional, innovative, and sustainable.

Design Thinking Process


Innovation Process

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