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AVETH strengthens its brand identity to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary

For the 50th anniversary, AVETH needed to present a new Brand Identity that would better affirm its strong brand positioning, reflect its values, and make the brand attractive to sponsors.

Analysis  |  Brand Strategy  |  Campaign Design  |  Logo Design  |  Book design & Layout



Clarify the brand’s positioning and the customers they serve.

On its 50th anniversary, AVETH wanted to present a new Brand Identity that would better affirm its strong brand positioning, reflect its values, and make the brand attractive to sponsors.

The Impact

The new design solution brought a stronger recognition of the brands and a better positioning inside the ETH. This led to more registrations and made AVETH attractive to sponsors and existing members.

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AVETH has been for 50 years the place to go for the political representation of the scientific staff at ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich).
The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is a globally recognized institution located in Zurich. Research, education, and knowledge transfer offer a way of life that contributes to the human, social, environmental, and economic future. 

Development Steps


Setting up the groundwork for a successful design solution.


Creating and exploring feasible solutions for the end-user and client.


Testing, refining, implementing, and developing the design solution.

Linda Wehner, Vice President
AVETH (ETH Organization)

"The range of advertising possibilities has multiplied through the design of REFRAME and has generated incentives for sponsors to whom we can offer the posters as an advertising platform."

Step 1 // Developing the Strategy

Strategy & Approach


REFRAME's Chief Strategist, Roberto Inderbitzin, sat down with the vice president to craft the brand's strategy for the upcoming events. Over a  facilitated session, Roberto surfaced the challenges the organization faced. In the process, they prioritized the needs and goals. This became the foundation for the branding for AVETH's 50th anniversary.

Brand Definition

Through a series of exercises in the strategy workshop, we extracted and refined the brand's key pillars. That defined the brand's personality: how it should look, sound, and act.

Understanding End Users

AVETH stands for Akademische Vereinigung des Mittelbaus der ETH which translates to academic association for the scientific staff at ETH. And is a community first. To understand the needs of these customers, we created user profiles that described the range of users, which made a clear picture of their demographics, needs, and wants.



Understanding what the AVETH brand is and who they are a champion for helps define the positioning statement of the organization.

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Step 2 // Brand Refresh

Redesign & brand identity


Ideate is the method in the design process of focusing on idea generation. It provides both the fuel and the source material for building prototypes and putting innovative design solutions into the hands of your users. 


Identity System

REFRAME developed an identity system to ensure every customer touch-point reflected the brand. In addition, the rebranding included:

  • Updating the logo for the 50th anniversary

  • Introducing a new color palette

  • Update the typeface

That created a more cohesive experience and atmosphere for both the physical event and its digital extensions.

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Step 3 // Implementation

Implementation & Refinement

With the refined guide and new Logo, we created compelling visuals and messages that engaged with the potential clients.

For example, for the screens over the ETH or flyer distributed in physical form.

At the end of the 50th year celebration, we designed and produced a booklet showing various actions, such as the workshop series AVETH held during the year. 

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