Hire a Design firm?

Good Design is good business

Can my company afford to hire a design firm?

Freelancer or design studio

It is hard to understand how many hours should be spent on a design and development process to reach the desired result. Hiring a single freelance designer may solve the problem and get a result. Hiring a design team/studio  may also solve the problem and might get a higher quality result.

Try to estimate the complexity of the job. Sometimes companies hire a junior designer for a job that demands an experienced senior design team. You could consider working with an inexperienced designer in simple packaging or a specific product, which is not strategically important to your business. If the product is more complex and of more strategic value, then hiring a design team is recommendable. The question is not about if you can afford to do that, but if you can afford not to do so.

Strategically important or not

Sometimes companies take a short-cut to get some quick sketches and skip the design process. Or go with the inexperienced on a project that is strategically important and complex. What follows is a bad product launch, costing tooling, promotional materials, web services, sales teams, logistics, and material purchase. And damage to the brand.

A stable design firm will not skip the design strategy and development and will not just present design sketches. Like a doctor will not miss the diagnostics and only deliver medicine.

So maybe it is better to stick to the principle that you will need an expert design studio for strategically essential products for your business.

We are happy to help

If you feel that you have trouble understanding the complexity of a design job, whether you would need a single designer or a full design team, you are most welcome to give us a call. We are happy to share our experience and further decide which approach would be best for you.

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